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Date: August 28, 1997
Case: Carroll et al v. Board of Appeal
Docket: MICV97-04400L
Location: Town of Billerica, Massachusetts

                       COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX
                       THE SUPERIOR COURT

                                         CIVIL DOCKET# MICV97-04400L

RE: Carroll et al v Billerica Brd of Appeal et al

TO:   Richard Carroll
      2 Fahey Way
      Billerica MA 01821

                    TRACKING ORDER - F TRACK

You are hereby notified that this case is on the fast (F) track as
per Superior Court Standing Order 1-88. The order requires that the
various stages of litigation described below must be completed not
later than the deadlines indicated.

                      STAGES OF LITIGATION                 DEADLINE

Service of process made and return filed with the Court
Response to the complaint filed (also see MRCP 12)         11/23/97
All motions under MRCP 12, 19, and 20 filed                01/22/98
All motions under MRCP 15 filed                            01/22/98  
All discovery requests and depositions completed           06/21/98
All motions under MRCP 56 filed and heard                  07/21/98 
Final pre-trial conference held and firm trial date set    08/20/98
Case disposed                                              10/19/98

The final pre-trial deadline is not the scheduled date of the
conference. You will be notified of that date at a later time.

Counsel for plaintiff must serve this tracking order on defendant
before the deadline for filing return of service.

This case is assigned to Superior Court session L sitting at

Dated: 08/28/97

Edward J Sullivan, Clerk of Courts


Michael M Brennan, Asst Clerk
Location: Cv CrtRm (Lowell)
Telephone: 508-453-0201
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