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Home Page Letter of Complaint
Subject: Request For Public Apology
To: Selectman James O'Donnell
From: David F. Delorey
Address: One Edgar Road
Date: May 29, 1998
Location: Town of Billerica, Massachusetts

                                          One Edgar Road
                                          Billerica Massachusetts  01821
                                          April 29, 1998

The Honorable Selectman James O'Donnell
Town Hall
365 Boston Road
Billerica, MA   01821

Dear Selectman O'Donnell:

I read your comments in the Lowell Sun on April 2, 1998 regarding the 
web site

I believe that your quotes in the Lowell Sun, unless you have been 
misquoted, are malicious defamatory and slanderous utterances aimed at 
me.  Coming from the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, they are also 
reprehensible.  For the record, this letter is a formal complaint and 
formally demand that you provide the basis and proof for your remarks to 
me or apologize forthwith.  

This letter is necessary, because I understand that you provided Mr. 
Thomas' slanderous and defamatory letter to the press, thus facilitating 
its distribution to the public and propagating Mr. Thomas' defamatory 
and slanderous remarks to a wide public audience.  That act promoted 
Mr. Thomas' letter to level of compromising my civil rights.  To wit:    

  1) The Sun stated that you said:  "It's a couple of malcontents 
      that seem to be taking knocks on the board" [of appeals].   I 
      assume that you are labeling me as a malcontent.  What is the 
      basis of this remark and what did you mean by this?  Since you 
      seem to know that there are more than just one malcontent, you 
      must know their names, who are these people?  

  2) The Sun also said that you said:  "I think they're [the board of 
     appeals] taking a hit on it, and I think it's unjustified."  I  
     assume by your selection of the word "unjustified" that you believe 
     that the material on is untrue or wrong.   
     What particularly is unjustified?  What materials on are untrue or wrong? 

  3) These quotes infer that you agree fully on all decisions of the  
     board of appeals and particularly the ones referred to (e.g. Dougherty v. Board of Appeals, Carroll 
     et al v. Board of Appeals).  Aren't some decisions of the board of 
     appeals unlawful, unauthorized, or in excess of their authority?  
     If so, which ones are they? 

  4) I assume that you found language on that 
     said the board of appeals were not decent people or they were 
     unfair.  What posting on said that they were 
     not decent people?  When you said they were fair, did you mean that 
     they were fair to contractors, petitioners or abutters, or fair in 
     following the law as it was intended and consistent with case law.   

If you do not respond to the above by May 10, 1998 or apologize 
forthwith (in writing), I will assume as fact that the story printed in 
the Lowell Sun accurately reflects your utterances and these utterances 
represent a willful, deliberate and malicious attack on my reputation and 
character designed to defame and slander me.  

Please write to me at the above address or e-mail me at with your response to this letter.  Please also 
provide, per the Massachusetts Freedom of Information Act, any and all 
records to me that you or the board of selectmen have generated or received 
regarding responses, comments, etc. to Mr. Thomas' letter or complaints 
about the Board of Appeals.


                                          David F. Delorey

Home Page Response to Letter of Complaint
Subject: Request For Public Apology
To: David F. Delorey
Address: One Edgar Road
From: Jay H. Thomas, III- Alternate Member- Board of Appeals
Date: No Response Provided
Location: Town of Billerica, Massachusetts


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